Agency Policy

Agency Policy

We recognize the importance of securing the best possible talent for our growing business and have implemented a comprehensive direct recruitment strategy to meet that need. In the event that we need to engage the services of a recruitment agency we will review and contact the agencies that we evaluate as best meeting the support needs we have at the time.

The following activities are very strongly discouraged as, for obvious reasons, they will have a negative impact on our evaluation of your service:

  • Contacting our staff directly by telephone
  • Submitting unsolicited CV’s to vacancies we have advertised online
  • Misleading candidates about representing Instil Bio

A vacancy can only be issued to an agency by a member of our HR or Recruitment team – we are not responsible for any fees relating to unsolicited CV’s.

If you would like to be considered, in the event we need agency support, please send the following information to [email protected]:

  • Agency Name
  • Website
  • How long your agency has been trading
  • Information on the sectors and functions you recruit into
  • The experience of the staff that would work on a vacancy
  • An indicative fee structure (ranges are fine)

Thank you for respecting this policy.